6 Tips for the Busy Entrepreneur: How to be More Productive

Entrepreneurs find themselves doing everything. You are the receptionist, IT department and marketing department as well as the boss and employee. It can be tough sometimes to stay focused and on the right tasks to further the business. You might be spinning your wheels some days and feel like you got nothing accomplished. These are some tips and habits that successful entrepreneurs use to make the most of every minute of the day.

6 Tips for the Busy Entrepreneur

1. To Do List

This might seem like an obvious tip. Every morning make a to do list so you can keep track of the tasks that need to be completed and those that you’ve already done. Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs don’t review their list each morning. They might make a to do list, then forget to update it daily. Don’t leave yourself with a list that has scratched out tasks and added items. Start fresh every morning and write a new list. It’ll help you review your day as well.

2. Just Start

When you’re doing everything yourself, it can be tough to start that first task. You might procrastinate because it’s difficult or time consuming. If it must be done, jump right into it. Focus on the task, and don’t get distracted. Turn off the phone and leave your email alone while you complete it. The longer you drag your feet, the more daunting the task will become.

3. Milestones and Big Projects

Large projects like marketing campaigns can feel daunting. It’s helpful to break every large project into tangible tasks or milestones. List everything you need to do to complete this task. If you list this huge project as one task, you’ll never manage to chip away until it’s done. Instead, list every step from 1 to 100. You’ll start to see some progress as you complete each milestone in your project.

4. Block Distractions

You are the only person doing all the work in your business, but you can’t do everything at once. If you try, nothing will be accomplished. There are plenty of software solutions that will help you block distractions by blacking out social media or email. Focus strictly on the task at hand, and you’ll be able to finish your task list faster and more efficiently.

5. Delegate

Whether it’s your business, or your personal life, there are things that can be delegated to others. There are virtual assistant services you can hire where others can complete some small tasks for you. You could use a grocery store delivery service. A cleaner will get your home in order. Sit down and figure out where you could give yourself some extra time and hire someone to do those tasks for you.
6. Take Breaks

While this might seem counter-intuitive for a busy entrepreneur, burn out is real. If you take some time to recharge, you will be more productive. Whether you take a short power nap, a brief coffee break or take a walk for 20 minutes, you’ll find that the break can clear your head and refocus your energies.
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