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How to Manage Your Office Effectively

Introduction One of the most essential elements of running a business is office management. There are often many different moving parts when it comes to managing an office. Initially, you need to find meeting room for rent can be a huge challenge.

How to Ensure Your Office Has a Professional Atmosphere for Clients

It is important for your business to appear highly professional when clients show up. An unprofessional looking office could cause a client to decide not to do business with your company. It could even cause bad word of mouth to

6 Ways to Organise Your Office for Increased Productivity

Having an organised office saves you time and money. It helps to keep your workers happier and less stressed too. They’ll be more productive.   Create Activity Hubs If you use machines like a copier, traditional fax machine or envelope

A Serviced Office Is a Solution to Your Business Needs

One of the biggest barriers to entry that small business owners and entrepreneurs had in the past was finding a suitable office space without having to spend a lot of money for their start-up costs. First, there was the issue

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet for Your Solo Business

When you’re first starting your business, you might be working from the kitchen table or a space in the garage. You don’t have the money for office space, but there are times when an office space can elevate your business.

Decision criteria for choosing a home for rent in Singapore

You are probably moving to Singapore after a work transfer opportunity and the only option you are left with at hand is to rent a house in Singapore. You don’t want to rush and buy a house before adapting to

A Surprising Secret to Company Success: The Online Presence That You’re Neglecting

Your office social media profile informs how your potential customers and partners will interact with you in the world of business. You need an effective one in order to maximize your potential in the real world. Here are some of

4 Success Tips for Online Entrepreneurs

Making a living online is more accessible than ever. You have a unique chance to make a living from the comfort of your own home office – at least, if you have the right kind of drive and ambition. If

6 Tips for the Busy Entrepreneur: How to be More Productive

Entrepreneurs find themselves doing everything. You are the receptionist, IT department and marketing department as well as the boss and employee. It can be tough sometimes to stay focused and on the right tasks to further the business. You might

Vinod Sekhar Encourages Penang Youths Groups to Speak Their Minds

Datuk Vinod Sekhar makes initiative to increase the participation of the youth sector in social discussions. Datuk Vinod Sekhar, President and Group Executive Officer of The Petra Group, had visited several groups of youths from four organisations in Penang to