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2 Things to Do Before Deciding on a Home in Malaysia

Moving to Malaysia is a fantastically exciting thing to do, and it will allow you to enjoy a new culture and new opportunities. However, as with any big purchase decision, it is important to make sure that you do these

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Malaysia Makes it Easy for Foreign Property Investors: 3 Reasons Why

As Malaysia continues to attract business investors, its growing property market is also on the rise. There has never been a better time for locals and foreigners to invest in Malaysia property, and foreigners specifically will find many benefits to

GST in Malaysia by 2015?

The government has been talking about implementing GST in Malaysia for the longest time. However, it’s looking more likely that it will be announced in the coming Budget 2014 to be tabled on Friday. Why is the government so adamant

Do You Have a Company Website?

We’ve been talking a lot about physical offices but here’s something that many Malaysian businesses still do not consider seriously – a website. There are 100,000 SMEs in Malaysia but only 30% have a corporate website. The situation is so

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Klang Valley Office Space Occupancy at 77%

In an event organized by Malaysia Property Incorporated (MPI), industry experts opined that while office space rental competition is poised to heat up, rental rates in the Klang Valley is unlikely to crash like in Dubai – as mentioned in

Why Rent a Serviced Office?

The number of serviced office providers in Malaysia have been growing steadily of late. We have long-time global providers like ServCorp and Regus, Singapore-based providers like apbcOffices and a handful of local providers like InCube8 and Triden Suite. For the