Malaysia Makes it Easy for Foreign Property Investors: 3 Reasons Why

As Malaysia continues to attract business investors, its growing property market is also on the rise. There has never been a better time for locals and foreigners to invest in Malaysia property, and foreigners specifically will find many benefits to Malaysia properties related to the MMH2 program, which eases restrictions, and makes for a much easier transaction. The program also offers many incentives not previously available.


mm2hMMH2 Incentives

Part of the incentives are property owned more than five years qualify for the removal of the capitol gains tax, along with a 10% rental return on newly constructed properties. This is significant and important because capitol appreciation is as high as 35% in some states. Some Investors may be concerned about methods of investments in regard to financing. Malaysia now offers a myriad of options, including traditional mortgages through Malaysia’s local and western banks. Other options include Islamic bank solutions. See more at


Malaysia Property Benefits

One of the benefits to buying and renting properties in Malaysia is the fact properties are often more spacious in Malaysia than in other areas. Those familiar with properties in Hong Kong or Singapore, for instance, will find Malaysia properties cost less, and offer more than other regions. Properties in Hong Kong and Singapore are often scarce, or those available are offered at high costs. Foreign investors will also be able to free hold properties in Malaysia, while owning land elsewhere.


Booming Investment Opportunities

Investors also have many different property options in Malaysia, ranging from simple and affordable to luxurious high rise living, to opulent seafront properties. The Penang region is a booming market for real estate investors due to its healthy economy and growing manufacturing and tourism industries. Due to its industry growth and new launched properties listing on it is also one of the most dynamic property markets in Malaysia. It offers a mix of residential, beachfront, and city heritage.


Investment Considerations

Always consider the location in investing in property in Malaysia. Make sure you’re dealing with a reputable investor. Always purchase property that offers future income possibilities, and seek the advice of financial experts. Many investment hot spots exist, where manufacturing and other development projects are in works, which will also mean high income investments for investors in Malaysia real estate.