Serviced Office

What is a Serviced Office?
A serviced office is a shared, instant office and includes receptionist, secretarial and other supporting services. Basically,the provider rents a large office space and partitions the space into many little rooms, and rents them out. Facilities like the pantry, meeting rooms and boardrooms are shared – even the receptionists, IT personnels and cleaning staff.

Although the price per square feet is substantially higher compared to a bare office space in a Grade A office building in Kuala Lumpur, the overall costs is more affordable for someone who requires a smaller space. You can rent an office downtown with a prestigious address, get someone to answer your telephone calls and have a meeting room for discussions with your customer – from RM1,000 a month.
*(RM1,000 = US$301.40; Source: Currency Converter)

There is no need to invest in furniture and fittings, or renovate your office, and you can move in immediately! When your team grows, just move to a bigger room. You can even configure a room to your liking, e.g. add a partition to have a seperate manager room within your office.

For a monthly rental fee, a serviced office package includes the following:

a) Prestigious office address.

  • Personal mailbox.
  • Email notification of incoming mails.

b) Office space:

  • A shared or private room (rooms with views are more expensive).
  • Furniture and fittings, e.g. workstation, chair, side drawer, cupboard and carpet.
  • Telephone line, broadband Internet and electricity.

c) Receptionist services:

  • A shared fax number.
  • Personalized call answering, e.g. receptionist answers the call in your company name.
  • Call forwarding, e.g. to your mobile phone.
  • Voice mailbox for you to dail in and listen.
  • Missed call notification via email.
  • Fax fowarding via email.
  • Receiving of registered mails and parcels.

c) Secretarial services, e.g. send outgoing faxes, check letters and deposit cheques.

d) Other supporting services, e.g. IT support and cleaning.

e) Use of facilities like pantry, business lounge, meeting rooms and boardrooms.


Who Uses a Shared Office?
Any small business that requires a workstation in a convenient location and also a prestigious address, telephone and fax numbers, and receptionist services, to make their business look more credible to establish trust with prospective clients. However, when the team size grows to 10 or more people, it may be more cost-efficient to rent and manage your own office compared to renting a serviced office.


How Much Does a Serviced Office Plan Cost?
It depends on the package subscribed to. The cost per workstation can range from RM800 to RM1,200 in a well-located serviced office in Kuala Lumpur. For an idea on the packages, services included and fees, visit ServCorp’s serviced office page.


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