Vinod Sekhar Encourages Penang Youths Groups to Speak Their Minds

Datuk Vinod Sekhar makes initiative to increase the participation of the youth sector in social discussions.

Datuk Vinod Sekhar, President and Group Executive Officer of The Petra Group, had visited several groups of youths from four organisations in Penang to introduce and discuss about the Malaysia Movement, a social group he has formed with others.

First was The Northern Green Youth who are concerned with current affairs and active as a social movement. Next, there was Suara Rakyat Malaysia which is a human rights group, followed by Youth for Change which empowers young people to be more active in their communities. And finally, he met with Youths Today which is a group of young people using marketing bring change.

Jazz Tan, the CEO of Youths Today said: “Datuk Vinod Sekhar has always been a very inspiring figure. He has given us the platform to speak our minds and help us find our voices.

“We all feel very empowered, especially by his encouragement to build a platform for youths to come together and his commitment to make it happen.”

Datuk Vinod also would take time off to meet youth leaders even if he was on a family trip or vacation. This is an indication of his dedication to his work.

Datuk Vinod’s aim of introducing The Malaysia Movement to youths was to encourage pubic service and open discussions that are rooted in the core ideals of democracy. He believes that since the youths are one of the major sectors in the country, they would need a voice in society which The Malaysia Movement can become – as an appropriate starting point.

Apart from meeting the youth organisations in Penang, Datuk Vinod was also the guest of honor at the MCS Youth Science Fair for 11 to 12 year old school children from poor Tamil schools. He visited all the booths of participating students as they presented their experiments and inventions.

At the end of the fair, he gave a speech to motivate the students further and promised to provide aid in setting up science and computer labs for the schools involved. Datuk Vinod is one man who certainly is concerned about the progress of the country and Tamil youths too. Follow Datuk Vinod Sekhar‘s Facebook.