Virtual Office

What is a Virtual Office?
A virtual office is basically a service. What you are actually paying for is a prestigious office address for your business (instead of using your home address) and a receptionist to answer all phone calls, to add even more credibility. For a subscription monthly fee, a virtual office service includes the following:

a) Prestigious office address.

  • Personal mailbox.
  • Email notification of incoming mails.

b) Receptionist services:

  • A dedicated telephone number and shared fax number.
  • Personalized call answering, e.g. receptionist answers the call in your company name.
  • Call forwarding, e.g. to your mobile phone.
  • Voice mailbox for you to dail in and listen.
  • Missed call notification via email.
  • Fax fowarding via email.
  • Receiving of registered mails and parcels.

c) Secretarial services, e.g. send outgoing faxes, check letters and deposit cheques.

d) Complimentary or premium rates (usually pay-per-use) for facilities like pantry/lounge, shared desk (i.e. hot-desking), meeting rooms and boardrooms.


Who Uses a Virtual Office?
Any startup, freelancer, mobile worker (e.g. sales agent) or home-based business that requires a prestigious address, telephone and fax numbers, and receptionist services, to make their business look more credible to establish trust with prospective clients.


How Much Does a Virtual Office Plan Cost?
It depends on the virtual office package subscribed to.

A very basic package (e.g. use of address, receiving of mails and shared fax line) can cost from RM150 a month, and goes up to RM350 a month for a fancy plan (e.g. use of address, receiving of mails, shared fax line, dedicated local phone, number, receptionist service and complimentary x hours of office/meeting room use). The price goes even lower if the provider is a small, local company – as low as RM29 a month.


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